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Art and culture

Everywhere you look, our hotel is full of art. To manage this, we have our own Culture Director, Urs Heinz Aerni, who organises thrilling evening readings and exhibitions in our hotel.

Winter 2023/2024 cultural programme

Names like Scalottas and Muldain are music to our ears and conjure up images of glistening snowscapes before our very eyes. We’re looking forward to winter in the mountains!

And while we’re on the subject of music, we would like to let you, our dear guests, know that music features in our cultural programme again this winter – even by the fireplace. Every Thursday evening during high season, we will hold live concerts from classical to world music and smooth jazz. Our cultural programme will also whisk you away into other worlds of stories, poetry and magic for young and old alike.

We wish you a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Three women, one shop

We launched “Lorena’s Pop Up” during the 2020 winter season. “We” are: Claudia Züllig, an absolute superwoman and passionate host of Hotel Schweizerhof. Franziska Bründler, creative mind and founder of the Lucerne label Fidea Design, and Lorena Paterlini, whose heart and soul goes into illustrating and Alpine farming. Our idea was to offer both Lenzerheide and our hotel guests a new shopping experience. Our products are connected by sustainability, good design and, of course, a little word play. We are continuing because it’s so much fun to work together.

Winter season 2023/2024
Eva Czajkowski is hosting the Atelier Shop for the second time during the winter season. You’ll meet the graphic designer from Weinheim in the shop together with her sweet Labrador, Rémy.

Winter season 2023/2024

Eva Czajkowski is running the Atelier Shop for the second time this winter season. You can meet the graphic designer from Weinheim in the store together with Rémy, her adorable Labrador.

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Poetry on the mountain – storytelling evenings

Thursday, 14 March 2024, 8 p.m.
“Steile Flügel”.

Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart’s voice makes words dance and poetry glimmer across the mountain valleys.

Entry: CHF 10 per person, free for hotel guests

Sounds on the mountain

“Sounds on the mountain” is a cultural asset that not only makes life better, but valuable, too.

Thursday, 29 February 2024, 9 p.m.
Schwyzerörgeli accordion, double bass and transverse flute with Stephanie Zaugg, Sabine Plain and Lukas Moos

Thursday, 7 March 2024, 9 p.m.
Lacetrue Quartet with Anna Bläsi, Carmen Meier, Elias Noger and Luca Wyss

Culture in the hotel

Urs Heinz Aerni – our Culture Director

Nature babbles, chirps and cheeps so close at hand. Our Culture Director, Urs Heinz Aerni, who is also a keen bird-watcher, will be happy to accompany you on a short walk or hike. Look forward to discovering some surprising and fascinating places in our diverse region. Aerni’s cultural talks with guest personalities are just as fascinating.

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Kultur- und Familienprogramm

Guardians by Graubünden artist Olga Titus

The colourful, shimmering, large-format piece by Olga Titus, who was nominated Graubünden Artist of the Year in spring 2022, offers an opulent feast for the eyes. It clearly bears the colourful, interplaying trademark of the multicultural artist with Swiss, Indian and Malaysian roots. Made from printed reversible sequins, the piece changes its appearance depending on the viewing angle or the direction in which the sequins are flattened, and captivates with its complexity. Intensely coloured and mysterious, it invites you into enchanted worlds and encourages you to ponder and dream, savour and rejoice.

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Audio tour of the hotel

Claudia and Andreas Züllig have been running Schweizerhof Lenzerheide for 30 years. That’s 30 years of emotion and experiences that could fill a whole book! To mark this anniversary, we are giving our hotel guests a unique audio tour through time and space.

Allow actor Gian Rupf to guide you through the hotel, listen to what is happening “behind the scenes” and experience our hotel from a new perspective.

Art in the hotel

For the passionate art lovers at Züllig, being surrounded by works of art is also part of an invigorating sense of well-being. Over time, we have developed our own art world. We are happy to share the joy of beautiful works of art with you and you will find a wide variety of exhibits throughout the hotel.

At the Hotel Schweizerhof, art is not a means to an end or decoration, art is part of life and the works of art are more roommates than exhibits. They are discreet companions or stimulating counterparts, depending on your mood. In the new BergSpa and in the Hamam, several new favorite works find a suitable appearance.

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Art in the hotel

Experience art with all your senses – including the art of Max Dudler and Mayo Bucher and the most beautiful hammam in the Alpine region.

Everywhere you look our hotel is full of art: in the Gabar function room, the conservatory, the Restaurant & Bar, in and around the hammam, in the lobby and in the corridors leading to the Alpenchic rooms. At present we are working on a small art guide, which will be published in spring 2022. Until then, we recommend that you simply admire the art as you pass through the hotel and let it draw your own personal response.

“Since man began building, his physical and spiritual needs have been reflected in architecture. The built environment influences the quality of our lives. Viewed in this way, architecture is nothing other than quality of life. We base our thinking and actions on this principle.”

Max Dudler, Schweizerhof hammam architect

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Hammam anniversary book

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