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Hammam is sensual, hamam is ritual. Immerse yourself in our sensual worlds! Grab a pestemal (hamam cloth) and experience your very own "hamam journey".

Hammam is sensual, hammam is ritual.

Soft lighting and gentle heat. A place for cleansing and encounter.


Immerse yourself in our sensual worlds!

Hammam – a mysterious word that we associate with pleasure, cleansing and relaxation.

Hammam and its origins
The history of oriental bathing goes back 800 years to Central Anatolia and Istanbul. The bathing ritual left everyday problems aside, it was enjoyed, but people also met to exchange ideas. Even in the ancient Roman baths, relaxation was combined with encounter. Even today, this bathing culture is cultivated in beautiful bathhouses in the Orient.

The hammam serves as an oasis for all the senses. Fragrances, moisture and massages awaken our powers and restore our own harmony. Throughout the centuries, the hamam and wellness culture has been enriched with new facets. For example, here in the West it is enjoyed in silence and chatting is postponed until later.

The hammam is an oasis for all the senses. Scents, humidity, steam and warmth restore harmony.

A place of silence
Our hammam is a place of silence. We therefore ask you to refrain from loud conversations.

A visit to the hammam is a cleansing ritual for body, mind and soul. Our hammam is a place of silence and we ask you to refrain from loud conversations. We recommend the following classic procedure (approx. 60 to 90 minutes without treatments).

Gradual warming-up in a steam room at approx. 38–40°C.

Self-exfoliation using a kese (silk glove and olive oil soap).

Immersion in a warm water pool (37°C).

Pores open up in the 45°C herbal steam room.

Navel stone
Rest on the warm stone in the central room.

Rhassoul (can be booked additionally)
Under coloured light, a care mud is applied to the body, which is allowed to soak in the herbal steam. The rain shower concludes this pampering ritual.

Relax with tea, syrup and Turkish specialities.

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