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Our blog highlights inspiring projects by and with our partners, takes you behind the scenes in our hotel and offers tips on holidaying in the Lenzerheide region.

Schildkröten Am Essen

Hotel pets

Regula, our kinderclub teacher has had turtles at home for 23 years. But how did they find their way to us at the Schweizerhof on Lenzerheide?

Kind Am Spielen Mit Kinderbetreuung


Not so long ago, our children’s club was called a kindergarten. But this is not quite true, because we are a child-friendly hotel in the heart of Lenzerheide. Our focus is on the care and professional entertainment of children. We give them time – time in which the children enjoy a little time out.

Swiss Family Hotels

Swiss Family Hotels

We are committed to being the best hosts for three-generation holidays in Switzerland. Big and small should feel equally at home with us. We look forward to welcoming you!



Hammam is sensual, hamam is ritual. Immerse yourself in our sensual worlds! Grab a pestemal (hamam cloth) and experience your very own “hamam journey”.

Eine Tasse Heissen Tee - Entspannung Pur.

New pampering concept

Time. It is there, always and everywhere and for everyone. Yet it is fleeting, difficult to grasp, impossible to own and only becomes real through experience. With the new BergSpa we create space. Space for time. Time for yourself, for revitalisation or regeneration, relaxation or inspiration, active or enjoyable.



Immerse yourself in the world of cosmetics. With our three cosmetic lines, treat yourself and your skin to a gentle moment of pampering. We tailor the treatment to your specific needs.

Herz Zaunlatte Holz Lenzerheide

Climate Day

Together with partners and members, the association “We are Climate” will hold this year’s Climate Day on September 30 and October 1, 2022.

Schweizerhof Postcard

Schweizerhof postcard

You want to send your loved ones greetings from the Schweizerhof? This is how it works:

Kaderfoto In Der Lobby


We congratulate our two apprenticeship graduates from the bottom of our hearts for passing their final exams!

Honminoschi Garden Im Wellness-Bereich

Art in the hotel

For the passionate art lovers Züllig, surrounding oneself with works of art is part of the invigorating sense of well-being. Over time, we have developed our own world of art. We are happy to share the joy of beautiful works of art with you, and so you will find a wide variety of exhibits throughout the hotel.

Goodbye Pop Up – we stay!

Our Pop Up Store is now called Atelier Schweizerhof and is supported by designer Franziska Bründler with Fidea Design and artist Lorena Paterlini.

Sustainable Fish Only!

Sustainable fish only!

At Schweizerhof we attach great importance to sustainability.

Kräutergarten Im Innenhof

Graubünden massage oil – the natural way to relax

Next time you visit Hotel Schweizerhof in Lenzerheide, treat yourself to a massage with our special Graubünden massage oil. Pure bliss!

A Fresh Look In May

A fresh look in May

We look forward to welcoming you from 12 May 2021 in our new reception and lobby area created by designers Tanja Jörimann and Werner Woodtli.

Hansjörg Ladurner, The Innovative Chef

Hansjörg Ladurner, the innovative chef

A dream come true: a smallholding with a traditional rotating crop system, three fields farmed with horses and tended by hand. Read more about Hansjörg Ladurner’s successful project and the unique culinary concept used in the Scalottas Terroir restaurant.

Cultural Inspiration Arranged By Urs Heinz Aerni

Cultural inspiration arranged by Urs Heinz Aerni

A cultural programme that nourishes mind and soul. To mark the anniversary of votes for women in Switzerland, Urs Heinz Aerni’s cultural programme is dedicated entirely to women – from the worlds of film, literature, promotion of the arts, wine-making and travel.

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