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Your hosts

 Your hosts

Our team of over 100 ‑ from our porters, receptionists and housekeepers to the hotel′s managers ‑ are dedicated to making you feel completely at home at Hotel Schweizerhof, 24 hours a day.
We look forward to welcoming you!



Some exciting job opportunities for you!

Our philosophy

Here at Hotel Schweizerhof we practise an open and personal style of management. We want our employees to enjoy working for us so they fully embody the spirit of hospitality we are seeking to communicate. They will also be willing to take on responsibility for their own sphere of work.

Basic principles of employment at Hotel Schweizerhof:
We value and respect the individual personalities of our employees.
We support our employees with individual training and enable specific professional development.
Our working relationships are built on mutual trust.
We also foster our relationships by enjoying activities together outside of work.
As we expect our employees to know German, the following job advertisements are only listed in German. Thank you for your understanding!

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Information Mitarbeiter-Sharing
Mitarbeiter Infobroschüre



Treats from the Schweizerhof

Treats from the Schweizerhof

Take the magic of Graubünden′s mountains home with you with our exclusive products to tantalize all the senses. It doesn′t matter whether it′s out of anticipation for your next visit, as a memento of your last holiday at the Lenzerheide, or just a little treat for yourself.
We look forward to receiving your order via e-mail:
(Prices exclude shipping costs)
The description of the products is only available in German.





Guest Satisfaction

Guest Satisfaction

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