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Open serving Restaurant Bar

100 % Swiss drinks! We are proud of our concept, which has successfully shaped us for four years and also makes this bar and its range unique. Let us surprise you with our large selection of open bar!

Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine Rosé

Christian & Francisca Obrecht, Jenins, Grisons
1dl, CHF 13

Adanks Brut

Adank Winery, Fläsch, Grisons
1 dl, CHF 13

Tröpfel (non-alcoholic)

Thurgau sparkling apple wine
1 dl, CHF 10

White wine

Riesling Sylvaner 2021

Winery Luzi Jenny-Willi, Jenins, Grisons
1 dl, CHF 11

Pinot Blanc 2021

Georg Fromm, Malans, Grisons
1 dl, CHF 12

Trattofino 2021

Merlot, Kerner
Tenuta San Giorgio, Agno, Ticino
1 dl, CHF 10

Grüner Veltliner 2020

Winery Heidelberg Lamperts, Maienfeld, Grisons
1 dl, CHF 13

Red wine

«Selection Schweizerhof» 2020A86

Pinot Noir
Von Salis, Malans, Grisons
1 dl, CHF 11

Cabernet Jura 2019

Boner Rasi, Malans, Grisons
1 dl, CHF 11

Oro Rosso 2017

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir
Gamaret, Syrah Tenimento dell Ör, Mendrisio, Ticino
1 dl, CHF 12

Fustoquattro 2018

HuberVini, Monteggio, Ticino
1 dl, CHF 11

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